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    Injection Molding

    Injection Molding Capabilities

    RICH have 80 sets injection machines with robot from 50T to 1000T:

    ◆ Toshiba high speed injection machines from 50T to 350T     20 sets

    ◆ Vertical injection molding machine     10 sets

    ◆ 360T 2K injection molding machine    10 sets

    ◆ Demag  injection machine               20 sets

    ◆ Kawaguchi injection machine          10 sets

    ◆ Haitian injectoin machines            20 sets

    High volume production with below plastics:

    ABS, PC, PC + ABS, POM, PMMA, PA, PPT, PE, PVC and other engineering plastics

    injection 4.pnginjection 3.png
    Moulding Shop 1Moulding Shop 2
    injection 2.pnginjection 1.png
    Moulding Shop 3Moulding Shop 4

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