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    Tooling Make

    Tooling Make Capabilities

    RICH has about 100 professional mold makers, with diversified and high-precision equipment for tooling manufacture about 50 sets. 

    ◆ 电脑锣 CNC Machine Mikron 4 sets                            ◆ 线切割机 Wire EDM Machine Sodick 2 sets

    ◆ 电脑锣 CNC Machine OKK 3 sets                               ◆ 线切割机 Wire EDM Machine JMTOOL 4  sets

    ◆ 电脑锣 CNC Machine 巨冈 3  sets                              ◆ 高精度磨床 Grinding machine  8  sets

    ◆ 火花机 EDM Machine Mkino 6  sets                           ◆ 锣床   Turning Machine 12  sets

    ◆ 火花机 EDM Machine Sanki 6  sets                            ◆ 深孔钻 Drilling Machine 1  sets

    ◆ 火花机 EDM Machine 台一 4  sets

    Our machining capability operating 24 hours a day, We can produce 280~400 sets of molds per year, from 150mmx150mm to 2.0Mx2.5M, up to 30Ton.

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