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3D Printing Auxiliary

3D print technology was effective used of the injection tooling manufacturing; prototype making and specific inserts making. General below material we can use on 3D print.

◆ Resin: ABS, PC, PA, PA6, PA66, PC/ABS,UV, PSU, PP, PS, PBT, PET, etc… 

◆ Metal:  P20, 1.2344, NAK80, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, alloy steel, etc…  

Injection Tooling Manufacturing Applications


◆ Conformal cooling channels design to achieve best cooling effect, shorten injection cycle time, increase production efficiency. 

◆ Conformal cooling channels design to ensure tooling temperature is Cooling uniformity and shrinkage uniformity, improved production quality 

◆ Avoid complex inserts and sealing issues, increase tooling reliability. 

◆ Precise tolerance for 3D print parts to reduce CNC and EDM machining time, shorten tooling making lead time.

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Prototype Making

Rapid prototyping applications and advantage

◆ Shorten R&D cycle time and cost, normal is up to 50% than general process technology. 

◆ Supply precise prototype parts for testing in short time, high level tolerance ensure to achieve correct data from testing. Minimum tolerance±0.1mm for resin parts, and minimum tolerance±20µm for metal parts. 

◆ Available material is extensive from resin to metal, be used in a wide range includes automotive; appliances; medical; industrial; electronics etc..

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